Monday, 13 August 2007

Command Line Library Major Update ( RC0)

With Release Candidate 0 the project finally gets closer to its final shape. The help subsystem was integrated in the library and some internal refactoring was made.

More informations are available in the CodePlex release page; here you can also download the source code and the binaries.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

GAC Extraction Utility for Mono released!

Many times when using Mono under Linux, I had the need to copy an assembly from the GAC to some local directory. Sometimes this can be useful for referencing purpose, when recompiling with NAnt. Other time you just want move an assembly with problems from production to test environment. In this way you can carrying out further verifications using exactly the same binaries.

You can download the first release (0.0 alfa) from

I wrote that program because I had need it, but is primarily an exercise because C++ is not my all-days programming language (however sometimes I had to write small pieces of a project in that language and above all I love use C and C++).

Future versions will be more platform (GNU Linux/Windows) and runtime (Mono/Microsoft .NET) indipendent.