Monday, 21 April 2008

The importance of documentation

I have always published relatively small projects to an audience of programmers. For that reason (but mainly for lack of time) I have neglected this aspect of the projects.
With an audience of programmers, I thought that unit-test sources were enough to learn the use of a class library. About that please read my post of 14 June 2007.

The reality is that if you want people to use your software (in source or binary form), you have to provide good documentation.

For now, I'm trying to improve the documentation of Command Line Parser Library:
  • adding more info directly on CodePlex
  • adding a API reference in HTML and CHM (MSDN-like) format
  • adding documentation comments to public members
    • this will help advanced IDE while using the binary
    • or the people interested directly in source code
As always, any suggestion is welcome!

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