Monday, 8 December 2008

Cache Reloaded, a caching service for Linux

A caching service is a middle-ware application used as a transient persistence storage. This one, Cache Reloaded, is a fork I've created starting from a stable open source .NET project: Merge System Shared Cache.
The first reason that convinced me to start this adventure, is the will to execute their software on Linux under Mono. Anyway this is only the first step and the code need some more testing. The decision to fork a new project instead of creating a patch can be found in my will to perform refactoring on various part of the code base.

Cache Reloaded can store CLR objects in memory and (for the moment) it accepts only .NET/Mono clients. It also has distributed networking capabilities inherited from its parent project: take a look to their web site.

If you can't wait download and test it by yourself, take a look at Cache Reloaded working inside a Linux.

This other screen shot shows you Cache Reloaded receiving requests from a Windows Client.

But if you're really interested, download and test it (I'll try to help you if you meet some problem).


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