Sunday, 30 August 2009

Install OpenOffice 3.1 on Ubuntu 8.04.

If you want to install latest OpenOffice (at the moment of writing 3.1) on Ubuntu 8.04, you'll notice that is still not supported in standard repositories.

I used this instructions, but you can find other ways and other instructions for other Ubuntu's versions (and other Debian based Linux OSes).

Happy open source to everyone!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Build Mono 2.4 on Ubuntu.

I've recently found two interesting posts about installing Mono 2.4 from sources.
Follow these links:

The second link (reference [2]) will help you keep Mono 2.4 with you current Mono installation.

Enjoy .NET on Linux!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Mac OS X is amazing!

Check out latest Apple engineers efforts on Mac OS X, called Snow Leopard.
It contains from cool user interface/user interaction improvements to core system innovations to make everything perform better and faster!

It will be available August 28.

Nothing more to say, follow the previous link and see with your eyes.

Good browsing!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Command Line Library 1.5 Beta 2 is here!

Before a month is now available Beta 2 of Command Line Parser Library 1.5 (release beta 2). Navigate to release page, download and test it.
This release contains reported bug fixes and various user requests fulfilled.

As always testing results, bug reports and enhancement requests are always welcome.

Good download!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Superior Backup Tool for Linux

If you use a Debian or Ubuntu derived distribution, you can take advantage of a great backup tool: remastersys. This tool is able to create a complete backup of your system or (and this is the very interesting thing!) live/installable dvd.

In the web site's tool you can get instructions to install this wonderful software. The use is very straightforward; for create a complete backup (system+data):

sudo remastersys backup full_system.iso

If you want create a live/installable dvd (system), just type at your shell prompt:

sudo remastersys dist core_system.iso

As you can see the program create an iso image: this file is good for burning a dvd, but can also be used with virtualization software (changing the virtual optical device with the iso image file).

Try it, you'll love it! Thank you Tony Brijeski, you've done a great software.

Good DVD burning!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

.NET and Caching Services

The first time I found Shared Cache on CodePlex, I immediately thought it would be interesting to try it with Mono on Linux.
Since the version downloaded that time (December, 2008) was not executed on Mono/Linux platform, I decided to create a new software derived from Shared Cache (fork) able to run on that environment: Cache Reloaded.
However I'm now working with the staff of Shared Cache, in order to enable it to run on Linux (without forking a new project!).

The person with whom I'm working is the main author of this software: Roni Schuetz (blog | web site). He, because of our collaboration, added me to the staff of Shared Cache (project home -> people; codeplex id = gsscoder).

I don't know what future will have Cache Reloaded, probably will be the starting point for porting Shared Cache to Linux... You can read an article about it.

Have fun with caching!

See you.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Do you use Command Line Parser Library?

Erik Ejlskov Jensen, the author of SQL Compact Command Line, does it. As you can see in the last change set (at the moment of writing this blog post) via Source Code tab, the author preferred merging the Command Line Parser source tree with its own.

SqlCeCmd is a very useful application, as you can read from its project's home page: "Administer SQL Compact databases directly from the command line, without having Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio installed. [...]".

From now every project using Command Line Parser Library will be listed in the project's home page and in Related Projects section, if the project is hosted on CodePlex.

So, don't be shy :-), write me and tell me if you use my project...

Good coding to everyone!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

CommandLine.dll Beta Released.

This version was released in order to fullfill an user request about to configure case comparison type (sensitive or not).
This release is marked beta, because I'd few time for testing (excluded unit-testing). Next stable release will include other users' requests (and will be more tested).