Wednesday, 19 August 2009

.NET and Caching Services

The first time I found Shared Cache on CodePlex, I immediately thought it would be interesting to try it with Mono on Linux.
Since the version downloaded that time (December, 2008) was not executed on Mono/Linux platform, I decided to create a new software derived from Shared Cache (fork) able to run on that environment: Cache Reloaded.
However I'm now working with the staff of Shared Cache, in order to enable it to run on Linux (without forking a new project!).

The person with whom I'm working is the main author of this software: Roni Schuetz (blog | web site). He, because of our collaboration, added me to the staff of Shared Cache (project home -> people; codeplex id = gsscoder).

I don't know what future will have Cache Reloaded, probably will be the starting point for porting Shared Cache to Linux... You can read an article about it.

Have fun with caching!

See you.

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