Tuesday, 19 July 2011

CommandLine.dll, Parsing Errors Subsystem

The version of Command Line Parser Library introduces a new subsystem for reporting parsing errors. I suggest you not to tie the code to this feature because it's at embryonic stage and hence it's subject to change.

The feature is modeled around the actual logic of the parser, that stops itself at the first parsing error, so you'll get just the first error that the parser detects.

Please be patient and wait the upcoming release (maybe in which this subsystem will be completely redesigned.

Thank you for following this project!


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Command Line Parser Library, Beta.

Hi everyone,
after a long pause I'm finally back to work at Command Line Parser Library.

If someone tried to contact me about this (or others projects), I ask him to forgive me for not answering; I was very busy with ordinary job (sorry!).

The e-mail address you used for this or other projects, is now changed to:  gsscoder@gmail.com so please forget gsscoder@ymail.com.

The project was (for now) released only in source version control, so please check-out it with SVN (or TortoiseSVN which I prefer).

Thank to everyone who use and/or support the project, really!